Saturday, January 6, 2018

Extraordinary Siberian Kittens For Sale

By Charles Clark

If there are cats that should be called extraordinary, Siberians are the first in line. They are beautiful, funny, friendly and perfectly unusual, and that's why people find them to be perfectly amazing as pets. Just to mention the fact that they are so impressed with water. So, find these lovely Siberian kittens for sale and pick one to be the most amazing pet just for you.

With their lovely, semi-long double coats and large, soft paws, Siberians are really attractive. But it's their character what makes them so popular. They are really friendly and playful, intelligent and affectionate. They make just perfect family pets and adapt very well to any given living space. They aren't moody as cats often are, but always ready to play.

When it comes to the size, Siberian cats belong to medium to large category. They have really lovely double, medium long coats, resistant to weather. Males are considerably larger than females, and much heavier. Their lovely nature makes them really nice family members, and their appearance is really impressive.

They come in different colors, and in any combination, any amount of white hair is also allowed. Beautiful chocolate in all possible nuances, or caramel, or cinnamon, are always popular choices. They can also be 3-color or 2-color, Tabby or color-pointed. Some combinations can have any eye color, but some, for example white patterned and color-pointed, have to have blue eyes.

This ancient breed exists for thousands of years, living in the area of Siberia in Russia, but it was discovered by the rest of the world in the nineteenth century. Once discovered, they soon became very popular, thanks to their nice nature and unusual behavior. These cats really enjoy playing and can easily learn various things, just like dogs can. Thanks to that, they are also often compared to dogs.

Well, grooming can be difficult, especially if you neglect brushing their coats regularly. The hair is long and tangle easily, and regular brushing is needed. Wax gather in their ears, and you need to check their ears on regular basis, to avoid possible complications or infections. They change their hair twice a year, and in these periods more intensive brushing is recommendable.

Feeding is very important part. These unusual animals love order, and appreciate being fed regularly, always at the same time of the day, two or three times. Fresh water is a must. When it comes to a new kitten. You should ask the breeder about the feeding schedule and the type of the food, and follow the instructions given by the breeder. Digestion problems could be expected if you change the type of food.

Siberian cats are generally healthy, with a few known issues. Your breeder should issue the certificate and give you some additional info. Siberians mature slowly, and they are fully grown at the age of four or five. Their life expectancy is between twelve and fifteen years, if fed with good quality food and kept in order.

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