Friday, February 9, 2018

Different Jobs Of A Freelance Travel Writer

By Dorothy Cooper

When it comes to professional writing, there are a number of different positions. One of these is that of a freelance travel writer. In most cases, these are freelance writers whom write about different aspects of travel. These aspects often include, food, lodging, music, nightlife, transportation and accommodations.

For example, these individuals rarely get paid a salary or hourly wage. In fact, many travel writers get paid per assignment, and often have to pay expenses up front and get reimbursed. As such, these individuals often end up working long hours to meet deadlines while receiving no overtime or extra pay.

With the onset of the internet, there are fewer jobs available when it comes to professionals working in this area. For, the blog world is overloaded with people owning and blogging to sites in this regard. As such, readers are starting to turn to the internet for information related to vacation planning and travel and less to traditional magazines, newspapers and publications like Time, Newsweek, Outdoor World and Reader's Digest.

While newer generations are more focused on online blogs and websites, older people still enjoy reading newspapers and magazines. As such, there are still some publications which hire writers working in this genre. While this is the case, competition can often be stiff. As such, it pays to have a college level education in journalism or English, and past writing experience when applying to these jobs, especially as a freelance writer.

Whether writing for a channel, guide, blog or publication, there are some important things to consider. For, even when being able to find calls for submissions, competition can often be fierce. As such, even when it comes those accepting work, it is essential to follow all guidelines when preparing material for submission. Otherwise, once submitted, it is likely the writing will be rejected and returned for correction.

When beginning, it is important to start small. For example, there are a number of writing websites which invite individuals to write about travel experiences. In most cases, the sites do not pay though provide an outlet to create experience in this type of writing. Whereas, there are a few which work on a point based system, and will offer gift cards or other bonuses based on the amount, and quality of work one contributes to the site.

While providing work to these sites, the individual can also build a professional portfolio, become familiar with writing guidelines and perfect pitch, style and tone. In addition, the individual will most likely work with editors and staff. In doing so, these volunteer writing jobs can often be good networking tools for finding paying jobs in the future. Whereas, editors and staff can often provide references when applying to those jobs.

It is important that writers, whether working in the travel genre or otherwise, need recognize that the audience is key to success. For, if a writer can garner the interest of readers, then one has the ability to write in an informative and interesting way. In most cases, writers whom can achieve this goal, often receive more acceptance and fewer rejection letters when it comes to submitting work in the future.

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